Tuesday, August 02, 2022

that tree air freshner, was patented in the 1950s, and that original is still selling like mad

In 1952, a milk truck driver in northern New York complained to Julius Sämann about the smell of spilled milk. 

To address this issue, Julius combined exceptional fragrances with specialized blotter material and invented the first car air freshener. 

He gave it the shape of an abstract evergreen tree in honor of his years extracting aromatic oils in Canada’s pine forests.


in 1999 he bought the patent/rights to Silly String from Wham-O. 


  1. Ninety-nineties, company BBQ. One of my coworkers delivered the frozen meat to another coworker's place in the morning. We did not realized that little water is spilled out in the trunk to the textile trunk mat. The brand new car was standing in the hot, summer day. Early night, four peoples get in the company car simultaneously. 3 seconds later four peoples jumping out of the company car simultaneously because of the "half a dozen dead cat" smell. We went to the closest petrol station in Ace Ventura style - upper bodies sticking out of the windows. We bought ALL Forrest Fresh - as we call them - Wunderbaums, about 10-15 of them and threw them to the trunk. It helped a little, but in a "half a dozen dead cat in a pinewood" style. The trunk mat went to the garbage, the car spent 2-3 days and nights in my colleagues back yard with open doors and windows. The "half a dozen dead cat" small gone, but the pinewood smell remained, but in PINEWOOD SMELL style forever or at least as long as I used to work for that company - couple of years. :-) That car was somehow always signed to the rookie colleagues from that point... :-)

  2. From the Beastie Boys song "Slow Ride" - "I got the trees on my mirror so my car won't smell"