Sunday, July 31, 2022

pure fun adventure, in steampunk, and Star Wars, but better written! EARNED the 2013 Inkpot Award at Comic Con!

easily the best fun adventure I've found in years!

Steam punk R2D2! 

It's probably a crime to have a steam punk adventure without a locomotive race... so, here it is! 

rail guns!

a locomotive that switches to cat tracks on the fly, when the rails ahead are destroyed by the bad guys!

even steampunk Mandolorian ship! 

but best of all, the writing is fantastic! See above example "frilly brass frock, dainty lace and kitten ears!" Reminds me of the superb writing of Firefly! But this adventure moves along fast, without wasting time on a love story

and you did want a steam punk Millenium Falcon, right?!

So, this book is a bit more expensive than most at Comic Con, they are typically 20 bucks,  but you can buy it online for only 25.  Comapred to so many others I saw, and some I bought, the writing and art is SO much better... I've found that most writers forget that their characters are SUPPOSED to have different personalities, and this writer/artist, Fred Perry, did NOT forget! 

Each of the characters has a fun different personality, some even have accents. The princess has SASS! The old brass robot is a stuffy Victorian snob, instead of light sabers the good guy has some magic cutlass/saber. The story is damn clever at parodying Star Wars, but with a plot twist, and MORE action. 

 see which is a terrific video look at the graphic novel

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