Thursday, May 12, 2022

5 USAF reservists have been disciplined after using a C130 to to pick up a crew member’s vintage motorcycle on Martha’s Vineyard

When the Air Force brass found out about the unauthorized use of a Globemaster cargo plane, they grounded the crew and sent another crew to pick up the aircraft and crew.

 All five of the crew members “were downgraded on crew qualifications and administrative actions have been served,” the 403rd Wing chief of public affairs, Lt. Col. Marnee Losurdo, said.

 Air Force policy is to not release specifics on nonjudicial punishment. The motorcycle remains in California, that was the next stop after getting the vintage motorcycle

It could be worse, and has been, in 2006 two airmen from the New York Air National Guard pleaded guilty to narcotics charges after smuggling more than 200,000 pills of Ecstasy from Germany aboard their C-5 Galaxy cargo jet.

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  1. Reminds me of the time someone had his British sports car flown from England to the US in the bomb bay of the 10-engine B-36. Guess they were going back anyway, so no harm done.

    As for the pic, the C-130 is great: Produced continually since 1956, and lately a floatplane version was considered (again - this time for special ops). Replacements are being considered, but the old girl still has life in her. Just like the B-52.