Wednesday, May 11, 2022

I can't make this up.... it actually just happened.... Vernon Schmuck was arrested, because he passed out on the forklift, that he was using to get his truck out of the ditch, which he drove drunk

around 11:52 p.m., deputies received a report of a white Ford F250 pickup truck stuck in a ditch near the intersection of S. County Trunk J and E. County Trunk X.

When deputies arrived, they said the truck was out of the ditch, but showed evidence it had been stuck there.

Rock City Police then found a forklift nearby with a man asleep at the wheel. Police said that when the operator, Schmuck, awoke, they determined he had used the forklift to try and free the truck from the ditch.

Schmuck was arrested and charged with his fifth DUI offense, a felony charge, according to law enforcement.

I'm against name shaming, it's juvenile. But if you don't think I'm going to report this drunk's last name, you're crazy

And to prove that Wisconsin is ready at the drop of a hat to be late to do something useful to prevent DUIs:

Law enforcement officers from several Rock County agencies will be looking to prevent impaired driving. Rock County Impaired Driving Enforcement Task Force is deploying on the following days: • May 13, 14 and 21

During this additional enforcement, the participating agencies will have more officers on patrol to discourage people from driving while impaired. There will be zero tolerance for driving under the influence, open intoxicants, seatbelt violations and improper use of child safety restraints.

The goal of this high-visibility enforcement is to encourage drivers to make an alternative plan so they don’t drive while drunk or high.

The Rock County Impaired Driving Enforcement Task Force includes the Rock County Sheriff’s Department and the Janesville, Town of Beloit, City of Beloit, Town of Turtle, Clinton and Orfordville police departments.

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  1. "But if you don't think I'm going to report this drunk's last name, you're crazy."

    Lovely. It would have been borderline criminal not to report that name.