Thursday, May 12, 2022

How about this, someone grabbed the star off of Patton's Army command car, for a souvenir!

terrific display they made for it... and this along with a lot of other WW2 and train stuff is coming to auction next month

This auction company had a quick reply to my question about how bidders would obtain the items they win the auctions on, if they can't be there in person, and bid online instead. That's a great sign that they aren't going to be a bad experience to deal with. 

They ship in-house to basically anywhere in the world. The buyer pays for the shipping and packing materials.  Thet use three different shippers to get the best rates for buyers.

Online pre-bidding starts at 9:00 PM June 10, 2022 
Live online bidding starts at 10:00 AM June 25, 2022

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