Sunday, May 08, 2022

The Dexter Band Stand and Flagpole, right in the middle of downtown, in the middle of the street 1917-1932. Dexter Iowa

The Flag Pole was erected in November 1917 and was paid for by donations from the community. Elsewhere in the photos on this site is a picture of the flag pole on what was either the dedication of it, or armistice day in 1918, but I'm not sure which yet. The Bandstand was built around the flag pole in the summer of 1919 and was paid for by the Dexter Commmunity Club. Roy Curtis drew up the plans and it was constructed by Jack Williams.

the word White, and the arrow, indicate the direction to another town

In 1931 the state of Iowa passed laws concerning beautifcation and obstruction of roadways within the state. This law meant the removal of many such flag poles and bandstands in most communities across Iowa (one still stands in Milo but it was not on a main highway so was spared). The Bandstand was removed from the middle of the street in 1932.


  1. Lost American, sadly

  2. White is probably in reference to White Pole Road. A local hi way with all the power line poles are painted white on the lower 6 feet

    1. I read a LOT of stuff on that facebook page, and DID see a photo of the white poles, btu when you read so much, and look through hundreds of photos, from the most recent post on that facebook page to the ones were it has the band stand, you forget a lot. Thanks for the reminder of the telephone/power pole road!