Saturday, June 06, 2020

this is a crazy looking automated tractor.... either they hired a designer from Pixar, or one from Robocop, to get this look

Contrary to John Deere's video claim, I disagree with their idea that farming will be autonomous, in the next 80 years anyway.
Why? Well, Deere seems to be in business to sell tractors. That's not going to happen if everyone switched to autonomous farming. Why? Because that would put family farming out of business, and corporate farming would be so highly efficient, they wouldn't need many of these robo tractors. The same tractor would be able to work so many farm acres in the same area, day or night, that very few would be purchased, and then you've got a big corporation like John Deere with no more customers.
Just my speculation.

Anyway, funky robocop evil droid looking machine. Notice there is no model number on the hood

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  1. ED209 is my all time favourite robot. PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPON. YOU HAVE 20 SECONDS TO COMPLY.