Saturday, June 06, 2020

can you dig it?

man, that's a beautiful race car


  1. Beautiful ?? The Very Bloody Best ! End of story, Porsche.

  2. Yes it is a thing of beauty and if you look at the numbers,

    #1 - Ferrari entered it's first race at Le Mans in 1949 and that was basically after morphing from the Alpha Romeo program many years prior to that at the same race. It took them until 1958 to secure their first win as Ferrari. Huh....9 years before their first win at Le Mans.

    #2 - Porsche entered it's first race at Le Mans in 1951 and didn't secure their first win until 1970. Huh.... 19 years before their first win at Le Mans.

    #3 - Ford didn't enter their their first race (which was out of spite for Ferrari)at Le Mans until 1964 and they didn't win. They also entered in 1965 and once again didn't win. However they did win at the third attempt in 1966 and in 1967 and in 1968. Huh.... a whole three years to win and then twice more in a row before they pulled the plug on the program.

    Now I'm not saying Ferrari and Porsche aren't great cars because they are. However with their substantial years prior to Ford at Le Mans I don't think there is a lot of room for crowing. Never slam good ole American ingenuity.

    End of story!!!

    1. Ummm, are you implying I ever slammed American ingenuity?
      Cause I got a lot of evidence of showing my support for the Ford / Shelby team that you may have forgotten about or not been reading along back when I posted it.
      I seldom ever repeat a post, as why put the same thing up twice, when it's simple and easy to find already (those tag words, or the search function in the upper left corner)
      I do bristle a bit at the implication that any slight was offered to American ingenuity.
      I've got 14 years of celebrating it, and about 43,300 posts, minus the amount where I love on Morgans, C and D Jags, the very earliest Rolls, etc.
      So... watch it there buddy (lol) I'm not seeing how some love for the 60s 917 Porsche, which I bet was the one in the Steve McQueen movie, (ahem) infers anything at all about the American ingenuity.
      I've also covered the early years of Le Mans, the Alfas, the Talbots, etc etc, out of love for the history of racing cars.

      Never the less, I've never seen the numbers in the way you put the entry to the racing, in context to the first win.
      That is really cool, thank you!
      This post was in no way crowing about Porsche in Le Mans, it was appreciation for the design of this car at speed in rain. That's all.

  3. Oh yes. I can dig it. And Volksrob is a purist.

  4. Just good old fashioned rivalry for Volksrob. Truly I myself love all the American iron with a definite lean towards GM products. And in reality Porsche has more wins at Le Mans than anybody....I just chose not to put that out there. Hahaha