Wednesday, June 03, 2020

the FUNNIEST opening line on any you tube channel video... I love this farm and the people that make these vids, Cole and his dad, Brian.... and Brian slayed me with this innovative one liner. Dad joke of the year.

Imagine, if you have couple favorite tv shows - for example

And one day a couple of the characters swap shows, and remain in character, but on some other show. A couple networks about 30-40 years ago used to have cross over episodes now and then for sweeps week, so, something like that, but not just where the Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley shows mixed it up.... I mean something more like Michael Keaton on Magnum PI.  (I already saw the Magnum PI episode where the Simon and Simon guys Rick and AJ pop in, something like that.) Hell no, I'm not referencing the remake Magnum and Hawaii 5.0.... screw that remake crap. The only Magnum PI is Tom Selleck and "Higgy baby", what a great nickname, for Higgins, the character that was superby cast with John Hillerman, that guy was as perfectly cast as any actor has ever been. Perfect foil for Tom Selleck's personna and character, Tom Magnum.

By the way, side bar notes on Magnum PI.

The Magnum, P.I. theme composed by Mike Post, reached number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1982—a rare feat for a TV theme.
Post is also the man behind hit TV songs like The A-Team, The Rockford Files, Quantum Leap, The Greatest American Hero, and plenty of other '80s and '90s staples.

Magnum, P.I. made its premiere on CBS in 1980, the same year the network’s long-running Hawaii Five-0 was taking its final bow. Magnum’s location was picked because the network didn't want to let its Hawaiian production facilities go to waste, so the Tom Selleck-led show filmed many of its indoor scenes on the old Hawaii Five-0 soundstage.

Yes, of course I'm a fan. I was a kid of the 80s. He drove a Ferrari, you do the math. Now I enjoy the show one more time thanks to Netflix, or whoever, and look for places I saw when I was in the Navy and stationed at Pearl Harbor. There sure aren't many, but, it's a flashback for sure to see Oahu's neighborhoods and highway and downtown Honolulu occasionally.

Anyway, Cole's dad just killed me with his opening line in the video. 

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