Monday, June 01, 2020

a good use for an old bridge

In a small town near Columbus, Ohio, Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Mavis had a pet project to save a bridge for more than 20 years. Back when he was in the county commissioner’s office, he heard that the Mill Road Bowstring Truss Bridge, erected in 1872 over Wakatomika Creek, was going to close because it was no longer safe for vehicular transport.

“The city engineer asked me if I needed it,” he says. “We were working on an old industrial site, on the little finger off one of the lakes. It seemed like a good place to me to put this bridge.”

The place he had in mind had once been home to the Pittsburgh Plate Glass manufacturing plant, and was being rehabilitated for a new community park which was to become a focal point for Mount Vernon and Knox County.

After the bridge was relocated using house movers and a trailer, it has been used as a pedestrian walkway over one of small lakes.

“It fit perfectly,” says Mavis. The bowstring truss is a wonderful aspect to the bridge. It’s been quite a treat for all of our visitors.”

you might remember the floods of 2018, in the midwest brought about a lot of destroyed roads, levees, and bridges, and one guy on the East Coast had an old iron bridge that he brought to Nebraska, I think, to help people who needed it

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