Saturday, June 06, 2020

thoughts on the problems brought up by a comment from Max

ok, You've opened up on many issues, and that's a lot to respond to, so, I'll keep it simple.
I'm sorry your ranch is getting assaulted, that sucks.
The environmental wackos are very far out in the deep end, like a few other fanatical extremists.
Civil disobedience, alone, just that issue is a thing of pride in my view. Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali. Icons of civil disobedience, that led to the changes that were needed in America.
Just sticking on that issue, CD, I am all in support of the 1st amendment assemble to petition the govt.
The obvious trouble, is that the govt people are NOT INTERESTED in reforming, changing, comprehending, or understanding that THEY ARE the problem.
So, instead of the very diplomatic and ultra civilized behavior I suspect the founding fathers expected, like not even raising voices, taking turns talking and responding, and giving "my good colleague from the state of Minnesota" the time on the floor to speak uninterrupted to be heard, we have NO civilized method where the people with grievances will be able to force the people causing problems, the police, local, state, and federal governments, to shut the fuck up and pay attention with the intent to cooperate to handle the very constitutional right of the citizen.
So, since govt people prefer to avoid confrontation that they can not force citizens into submission with police power, we have found that the govt people gave the police unlimited abuse of power with immunity.
 And police recruited apes with bully mentalities that seek out jobs with power over anyone else.
That's just the ugly side of human nature.
So, protests beget rioters who, again, human nature, seek to lash out to vent rage, vandalism actions, frustration.
Since, no, and I mean zero leadership in elected officials, civilized quiet mention of meetings to discuss the issues of police brutality are occurring, the revolution will commence. We see it in Hong Kong, the Arab Spring riots, etc etc.
Of course, those were all verbally supported by the idiot in chief, who now condemns anyone doing anything similar in this country, where it inconvenience him, and his re-election campaign.
So, without intelligent leadership from anywhere, the protests continue, the rioters take advantage of the distracted police, and car dealerships get raided, etc.
Nothing surprising about any of it except that it's simply a result of no strong leader with a brain who can see, oh, this happened in 2016 in Minneapolis, and the governor didn't do shit to get progress made in police reform.
History repeats, more people die. More people riot.
I'm surprised the Waco massacre didn't get repeated.
Your statement about the right to peaceably assemble, well, ok. Too bad the govt actively teargasses and rubber bullets that from occurring. When we can't get smart people seeing the obvious, that our right are meaningless without the consent of the governing elected officials that won't represent the citizens who are petitioning for a redress of grievances, because petty politicians are only interested in getting rich, and getting reelected, unlike the founders who couldn't conceive of the world that's evolved from the life they understood, and the citizens aren't going to get satisfaction and see police that commit murder and manslaughter arrested by their fellow officers.
It's only their job description and sworn duty, to arrest people that are suspected of committing crimes.
It's a bad time in the USA, high unemployment, higher greed, lower satisfaction in living, higher inflation, and now, the same issue that should have been solved by brave people in the 60s, racist behavior among police, rears it's ugly head in every city in the country. So does the issue of abortion, equal rights for women, gun rights, etc.
We had a government that failed us, and so did the legislature, and supreme court. Cowards that ran for office to get rich, not to get progress on issues of the people that they represented elected them to handle.
Obama promised to close the torture chambers of Gitmo. Never did it, 8 years in office.
Ol read my lips Bush raised taxes.
I DID NOT Clinton had sexual relations with THAT WOMAN, and orgasmed on her dress. In the oval office, during business hours.
And they all went on to make millions and millions after office, selling books, giving speaking engagements for hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour to corporate board members. And playing golf while elected, costing hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars, plus xmas shopping sprees for their wives and kids.
Each of the previous 5 or 6 presidents cost the US taxpayers billions, for bullshit. Not to mention wasting billions in airplane loads of pallets sent to the middle east for various give away schemes.
So, we've had decades of being let down, screwed over, and abused by politicians, and "leaders" and "representatives" who are focused on getting rich, moving on, soaking up that retirement money for life, and vacationing anywhere the fuck else but here in the USA.
As for your issues with BLM, they wouldn't exist if police weren't killing black with impunity and immunity.
You can maybe see what I'm saying is cause, and effect, and symptoms. Or not.
I'm just a blogger raised with BSA ideology, in a Norman Rockwell landscape, listening to Paul Harvey and Walter Cronkite.


  1. Ahh...D day mate. Who remembers that? WGaF anymore. I know you do. All the crap you have going on there at the moment;well,it happening down here too. Just all the "wannabes" getting in on the chance to get anarchistic and get away with it. Yes,maybe they are discriminated against,but who isn't. You have never heard(i'll bet) a single claim of racism against a caucasian! Love your work Jesse. Keep it up mate. Rob. down under....but, on top.

  2. Once again, thank you for taking time to respond to my comment. I have been thinking about your comments today, and I would like to address a couple of points.
    "killing Blacks with impunity and immunity" I can see why people would be under the impression that such is the case. But there is data to look at. The Washington Post keeps a good searchable database of all people killed by police in the US.
    What the data shows is that across pretty much every category, approximately twice as many White people are killed by police compared to Black people. there is some variation from year to year, but "twice as many" is usually not far off.
    If you exclude armed people being shot, you get the following:
    Shot while unarmed (2019)-
    White- 25
    Black- 15
    Shot while holding a toy or replica gun (2019)-
    White- 14
    Black- 6
    Shot while armed with a knife (2019)-
    White- 72
    Black- 33
    The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences have published several studies that concluded that White officers are less likely to shoot Black suspects than White suspects.
    There are notable exceptions. The recent murder in Minneapolis is one. But those events are incredibly rare.
    That does not address everyday discrimination, which is harder to quantify. But we can address the idea that it is open season on Black people. I will agree that there are serious issues with policing that need to be addressed, but the best solution is not likely to be "abolishing the police". I can promise you that "implementing socialism" is an even worse solution.