Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Eegore the Eyesore, built and raced by Wally and Kenny Parks of NHRA and Bell Helmet fame, in the ‘60s from a Kurtis Kraft chassis and never modernized

Wally Parks and his brother saw the success 1.5-litre Formula Two. Stirling Moss was driving a Cooper-Borgward, and found themselves a Borgward engine and a suitable Kurtis Kraft chassis. They broke it down to the essential components only, moved the engine block back for optimum handling performance, and placed the driver’s compartment back near the rear axle. Add in big and little race wheels and tires, and you’ve got a classic stance and the ability to go very fast on the dirt. There are even photos of the Parks brothers with Eegore at a number of famous California oval tracks.


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  1. Got a soft spot in my heart for junkyard dog racers like this, or Old Yeller. Looking at the photos in the link it appears they used a regular Borgward motor and transmission not the F-2 engine, which had a dual overhead cam head and fuel injection. Thought it was pretty cool that they kept the Borgward column shifter for Eegor. Also get a load of the different tread patterns cut into the rear tires. These guys knew how to get the most out of what they had. Wonder what possessed them to paint it pink? Not enough gloss paint and they mixed with with red primer?