Friday, September 20, 2019

The NASA astronaut Corvettes... did you know they were dollar leases, that then went back tot he dealership after a year, and were sold to the unsuspecting public? One collector has found and bought two of them

The dollar lease program ended in 1971. As lease vehicles, the astronaut’s Vettes were returned to the dealership after a year and sold to the public with no mention of their space-related provenance.

Texas collector Danny Reed found the gold and black Corvette that belonged to Apollo 12 lunar module pilot Alan Bean and Worden’s white Corvette (above photo). The gold car has been restored and has earned NCRS awards; the white one is unrestored and shows the wear incurred while it sat in a field.

 Both were displayed at the National Corvette Museum in the months before the Apollo 11 anniversary (above photo)

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