Monday, September 16, 2019

when Jack Hanon wanted to drive the Rallye de l'Atlas of Morocco, he made a two engine 2CV.

possibly the only 3 lug rim race car, it was made over the course of about 3000 hours of fabrication, and when completed  - resulted in a 500% increase of power over the stock 26 Hp engine, with 130 horse power of the combined 2 engines.

When he'd finished building the car, he circled around the Eiffel Tower with a sign in the back window "Seeking sponsors to Participate in the Rallye de l'Atlas"

Eventually, one company noticed and became his sponsor. An underwear company.

Hagerty magazine, Sept/Oct 2019


  1. Pretty good, considering the original military two-engine 2CV Saharas had but 12 bhp per engine. That's a grand total of 24 bhp.....

    1. Yeah I know.
      and unlike that link on the other site, the post I did, has a video where the narrator says the engines are 425cc, not 375.
      So, though the source on this post may not agree with the reference you used,
      and Hagerty may have made the mistake of stating 26 Hp instead of 12 Hp combined to make 24...

      its the post I made that is a composite of those, and instead of spending more time learning more about the 2CV and the 2CV Sahara, I moved on to post more variety of stuff

      I'm only here to entertain, not make an encyclopedia of car knowledge.

      I'm just a car guy, not an expert or a 100% correct well researched accurate know it all. I'm just sharing stuff I find cool

      But I really dislike seeing a link to tell me I'm wrong from some other site - especially when it doesn't contain information that proves me wrong. Nor does it say how much hp the Saharas had

      so, either you're correcting me, and with a link which doesn't, or, you're giving me info, plus a link which tells me nothing.

      That's just giving me homework. If I wanted homework I would pay a college to burden me in exchange for a certificate or degree which would get me a better paying job

      But thanks for

  2. Aww, come on, I wasn't correcting you, but merely making a point about how much stronger the 2CV you posted than Citroên's own two engine version did. Sharing stuff I find cool, like this sort of trivia.

    The site you dislike was the 5th of those I checked, and the first to mention horsepower at all, so I used that one before moving on to the nexts of your posts. (Just got home from 4-day mc trip, so there was a lot of JACG to catch up on).

    I'm glad you care for the 2CV's. I grew up with those contraptions, and were I ever to get a car, a Dyane would be it.

    1. The Hp of this racing 2CV is far more than a normal Sahara.
      According to they are 130 Hp each, and 1300 cc apiece, which is confirmed by