Monday, November 22, 2021

what guys wanted, vs what the corporate management delivered


Am I right? Or completely mistaken?


  1. completely right on this!!!! by the way thank you for this great website i really enjoy the content you post everyday!!!

    1. you are very welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  2. What guys fantasized vs what guys (and their families) needed.

    1. I'm not a family, I'm single, no kids.
      You may be projecting from a perspective of being a father, husband, etc....
      Neither of us is aware of stats, facts, numbers, about how many can afford either, or want either - no one has polled the men of America as to their preferences and projected purchases
      But, with the two vehicles above, one is not for commuting and taking the kids to soccer practice.
      As I just had 6 years working at a Jeep dealership here in San Diego, my experience is that most of the Gladiators, Wranglers, Rubicon trail rated Jeep vehicles - are 95% being used as commuters that were bought, and serviced, at the dealership I worked at.
      There are no forests and lakes and rivers to play in for off roaders in the San Diego region, so, of course, uses of them vary from region, and ecology, to others.
      From my youth in the yoop, and the old Gladiator we had for plowing snow, and getting wood for the winter heat, I can tell you that the top one is well suited for work.
      The bottom one is a street tire shod pretty thing that won't be driven over curbs for fear of rearranging the front end alignment.
      It's not in the same catagory, and like you said, families need that sort of Rubicon Trail rated engineering to get the kids to soccer practice.
      Wait, you didn't say that, but, you chose it. It's overkill for city people, and not yet quite what is needed for real work trucks that loggers, oil field workers, construction, and linemen, etc etc etc need for a truck bed that can take a decade or 3 of punishment while hauling tools, gear, etc.
      So, we aren't looking at either of these the same, as we don't have the same experiences, background, and lifestyle.
      There isn't snow here in ol San Diego, and no need for 4x4 ability in bad weather, icy roads, snow drifts, two rut roads, mud holes, etc.
      Do families need all that? Well, it sure would be nice for a lot of people, but then, unless there are kids involved, there's no need for a back seat row, and couples could do a lot with that top truck.

    2. Mehh....Jeeps shouldn't be sold to city dwellers. What they produced was a cop out....end of story.

  3. Of course part of the problem is that I'm not the preferred customer base these days, and dislike all that electronic gadgetry we get these days.... but I had a '64 J200 back in the 70's, and if it hadn't been for the dreadful, historically bad Kaiser OHC engine, I think I'd have it still. It was a kind of half-way between short and long box, 4WD with solid axles, open diffs, "3 on the tree," and a transfer case you could flick in and out on the fly with your foot, simple and utterly unstoppable in just about any terrain. When, after a couple of thousand miles on an engine rebuild, it started pumping oil again, I traded it in on a Scout with a plow, which in its turn was less economical, heavier, and poorly put together, but hands down the best plow vehicle ever.

    Put decent disk brakes and a reliable straight-six engine in that old Gladiator, (oh, and a better turning circle!) and if I were in the market for a truck at all, I'd snap it up.

  4. And ... they gotta build what they can sell. The only reason the hard core Jeepers still have Wranglers to play with is because they can sell so many "mall crawlers". I wave at them all, glad they are buying them!

    1. I haven't seen a Jeep mall crawler yet, nor have I seen a Wrangler mall crawler. Perhaps you have, but, I doubt it. I don't think you are calling the right vehicles a mall crawler....
      Mall crawlers aren't able to off road in mud and muck, aren't able to use 4 wheel drive to get out of stuck situations, aren't able to get over rocks and boulders.
      Most Jeeps can.
      Mall crawlers have extensive lifts to get the body about 5 feet or more off the ground, simply so the scissor lift appearing chassis can be appreciated for it's useless suspension, useless paint, and useless expensive rims wrapped in low profile rubber band tires, along with extensive lighting and other waste of money after market flashy stuff.
      I haven't seen a Jeep like this yet.
      That doesn't mean you haven't, maybe you have.
      Here's the only example I've posted of a mall crawler
      It could be that you simply use the term differently, as the typical mall crawler isn't even legal in California due to the laws about how much a vehicle can be lifted, how high the headlights can be, or something like that.
      So, the only time I see these useless wastes of money is at SEMA.
      Just because a Wrangler, or other Jeep looks ridiculous, doesn't make it a mall crawler, and the term, as I understand it, and have only heard it used, refers to full size trucks, and here are some examples
      Even though half the examples are Wranglers, that's because it's not my post, it's someone elses. I won't post mall crawlers because I have better taste than that, and one should never punch down.
      What's your description of a mall crawler?