Tuesday, November 23, 2021

John Lithgow was a cab driver in NYC in the early 70s, in his early days as a poor actor

He's been one of my favorite actors since the 80s, when he did Harry and the Hendersons, and then 3rd Rock From The Sun, and a couple years ago he was on a speaking engagement tour and came to San Diego, and had about an hour of so at UCSD. Fascinating, and super talented. 


  1. Great actor. My favorite was a small role he had in 'All That Jazz'.

  2. Lord John Whorfin in the cult classic " Buckaroo Banzai " loved Third Rock , saw every episode . This is the best place on the internet for things with wheels . keep up the good work .

    1. OMG! I forgot that! I watched Buckaroo and wondered what the hell that movie was about, but hey, cheap rental from the video store, and the cast was top notch, but the story? The epitome of the 80s flashy trash. Christopher Lloyd! Jeff Goldbloom! Peter Weller before he became a walking skeleton. But the amount of crazy that John Lithgow brought to his performance was fantastic