Sunday, November 21, 2021

security video from a camera pointed at an intersection shows an off-duty Los Angeles county sheriff’s deputy going about twice the speed limit, through an intersection, presumably to avoid the 90 second wait for a green light, smashing into a car, killing a 12 year old, injuring his sister, because cops don't get speeding tickets.

 the LACS deputy, off duty, was driving so fast on city streets, that his truck pushed the car backward from the direction it was traveling, about 75 feet, and spun 540 degrees

I don't think we are ever going to learn from the off duty cop why he was in such a hurry, that will not likely make the news. 

Video at skip to the 46 second mark to see the impact

Instead of the insurance from the off duty cops policy paying, immediately, for the funeral, and the hospitalization, the family instead had to rely on a Go Fund Me.

Until law enforcement loses the privileged attitude of legal invincibility, and suffer the consequences of their actions on, and off, the clock, this won't be the last time they kill innocent people... because they are in a hurry. 

It's not the first, but you might not remember when I posted about Emily Gaines being killed by an off duty Oklahoma cop, doing 95 mph in Dec 2019.

Maybe we will find out if the law, SB2, signed by Gov Newsome last month, will strip this cop of his badge.

Why post about this? If I don't, who will? 
If cops are not charged by the DA, and prosecuted in court, and sent to prison for reckless endangerment, and manslaughter, then the dept of justice is only interested in being a dept of imprisoning citizens. 

So, keep driving defensively, look down the streets at what is heading toward you, and how fast, and try to have a plan of where to move your car to avoid dangerous morons

Be safe out there, and be insured. 

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  1. What about the cop a couple of years ago that was speeding, don't remember if it was on or off duty. He hit a car where the kid was unrestrained and killed him. The cop sued the mother because of the mental anguish SHE caused him. FTP All of a sudden I'm a Public Enemy fan.