Monday, November 22, 2021

everyone wants to know about the driver that crashed his Ford Escape through the Milwaukee parade yesterday killing 5, injuring dozens, so, here's the facts, after you skip the first minute of course, as always

he ran over one of his baby mamas already this month, and has been in front of a judge twice this month, and in jail twice this month. It's clear that Wisconsin judges and prosecutors are not doing even a half ass job of keeping dangerous morons on probation off the streets


  1. Saw something on the web about how nothing is as it seems. Some real David Icke stuff. The medical establishment isn't really concerned about your health. Government isn't really concerned about protecting your rights or improving your life. The cops are really interested in protecting and serving. The courts don't concern themselves with keeping people safe anymore. It's a legal system, not a justice system. The media isn't really concerned learning and revealing the truth. There really aren't any family farms any more. Nobody gives a shit about the 'common man' anymore. It's all about money. Profit and money.

  2. Brian neglects to point out that most misinformation comes from the mailstream news, not social media.