Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I doubt there is anyone that wants a 1978 Ford Fiesta from Europe, and who will pay £26,500 for it... but that doesn't prevent a car dealership form hoping they find that rich eccentric soon (thanks Steve!)

it only has 140 miles on it because it went from the production line in Cologne, Germany to Britain's Science Museum to be displayed as part of a ‘Glimpses of Medical History’ gallery, playing a role in a diorama showing assistive technology for helping elderly people in and out of cars.

It was sold for £11,550, in July 2018, then flipped at auction for £14,625 months later and a car dealership has been holding their breath ever since, hoping someone will be foolish enough to allow them to recover their purchase cost and storage expenses


  1. The problem is it's only good as a museum piece now. To drive you would need to replace all of the original rubber parts as and as soon as you start to drive it and add mileage the value would drop through the floor.
    I saw a Ford Capri 280 Brooklands for sale with only 180 miles on it a few years ago, all original parts and never driven on the road. It had lower mileage than the one in the ford museum! It was up for a similar amount and it sat in the dealers for years for the same reason. I know it disappeared from the dealership but I never did ask what happened to it.

  2. in the last few days on barnfinds,com, there has been a Cortina in the UK still brand new unreg from 1963 with 20 miles and a Peugeot 205 with very few miles

    1. thank you! I found the Cortina and posted it!