Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Pushy Galore, that's what they named this plane with the engine and propeller in the back

Thanks Kim! 


  1. The aircraft depicted was built by Jim Miller and is the 'Texas Gem'. He also built two more pusher air craft for the Formula One racing class. The last plane he built was known as "Pushy Galore" I am sure the name was inspired somewhat by the Bond films and novels. Here is a link to Miller and his planes https://simanaitissays.com/2013/11/23/miller-texas-gem/

    1. thanks! I just rolled with what I was told. Looks like it was pretty close to accurate. Great name.

  2. Sorry about that, Jesse. I too rolled with what I read, but should've checked more than one source. Thanks to Glenda for setting the record straight - now the article I wrote about pusher props will have the right picture to go with it.