Saturday, March 06, 2021

Bobby Allison leads David Pearson, Richard Petty and the rest of the field at Riverside International Raceway in the 1975 Winston Western 500.

 showing what a variety in race cars there once were... versus today's who gives a shit about nascar anymore, because the cars are all the same. That's my attitude. 

They weren't all pretty, but they were all worth your time to see if someone with an ugly god damned car could win, or how the hell do they make something as fugly as an AMC Matador competitive? 

Serious, there is nothing interesting about F1 when no one passes anyone, and nothing interesting about Nascar when all the cars are not only boring, but do not have anything STOCK about them. Want viewers? Tell the team owners to quit wasting millions on the car, just go buy something at the local dealerships, show up on race day, bolt on some sticky tires, and see what happens.


  1. More plain speaking and clear understanding Jesse. The cockles of my heart are warmed again. You nailed it regarding NASCAR, F1 and all the rest of the pretenders. If you would, let me vent a little here too.

    First let me acknowledge technology has always been part of the game, but it’s always been proportional. Not so any more. Drivers as individuals are a thing of the past. Now they've been reduced to being just one of a team of technicians, all surrounded by a maze of computer monitors and sensors of one variety or another.

    Let’s measure these prima donnas of today against a few guys from the past. Fangio and his win at Nurburgring 1957 comes to mind. He drove a three year old Maserati 250F. His most serious competition was from Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn, both driving new Ferrari’s. Fangio was leading when he pitted. The crew had trouble with a wheel and the stop became lengthy. Fangio, out of the car was drinking water and completely unfazed. When he finally left he went from leading to 45 seconds behind Collins and Hawthorn. Fangio drove like a possessed madman. I believe he set four track records in pursuit of the Ferrari’s. Starting the last lap he was third, but when the checkers flew for the first time that day he was right there. The place went nuts. Fangio considered that race the most satisfying of his career. The difference was the man, certainly not an aging car or any technology.

    Then there’s Roger Ward and his Formula Libra win at Lime Rock in 1959. He thought he had a ride in a relatively new Aston Martin, but was replaced by John Fitch at the last minute. Someone (don’t recall the details at the moment) came up with a 14 year old Offy powered Kurtis Kraft midget with no clutch and hand operated brakes...rear only. Roger said, “Fire it up.” (What else would you expect from a war seasoned P38 pilot?) Against all odds and the latest stuff from Europe Ward won. Again, the technology be damned, just get the hell out of my way and let a man do his job.

    And of course there’s AJ. If it had wheels and you could fix a gas engine to it some way he could drive it and win. Rear engine, roadster, sprint car, midget, stock car, sports car or whatever...on an oval, road course, dirt, clay or asphalt. I’ll never forget AJ showing up at the Milwaukee Mile for the 200 mile race in August of 1965. As I recall he had been racing on dirt (Springfield?) the week before in Illinois. His rear engine car was supposed to meet him in Milwaukee but for whatever reason wasn’t ready. He told his guys to get the dirt car off the trailer and get it ready to run. He put it on the pole and led most of the race...against all the fancy, technically superior rear engine stuff. I can hear him now, “Kiss my ass.” The car’s fuel tank was much smaller than the competition and as a result AJ had to stop for fuel. That stop cost him the race as ‘Hard Luck’ Lloyd Ruby took the checkers.

    No offense Danica, but I would have loved seeing you in an 800/900 horse sprint car on the Terre Haute mud half-mile. What a delicious thought.

    Other than watching vintage stuff at Road America I can’t think of any race venue I would take the time to indulge in. How did someone put it recently? I would rather eat water from a bowl with a fork than waste my time on you sorry asses.

    1. wow, thank you! I am completely repaid for warming your cockles by your remembering the bowl of water line! Thank you!
      And damn, you really know racing! My compliments!

  2. Those were heady days my friend. And as far as I'm concerned That was the real NASCAR. Not the bullshit it is today.

  3. On March 28, NASCAR is running a dirt race at Bristol. Still the same cars and drivers, but it will be interesting to see how they adjust to the dirt. The truck series has been running a dirt race at Eldora for the past few years, and it has been fun to watch. The guys with sprint car backgrounds have some advantage.

    I read on Jalopnik that NASCAR will be running heat races for qualifying, with a random draw for starting positions like sprint cars. Final qualifying will be based on heat race finish, with extra points awarded for passing cars during the heat races.