Sunday, February 28, 2021

ever notice that know it alls have to push their nose in where it's not wanted,

"Smithhere" used the comment function to comment about the Hwy 1 washout

 The failure was a direct result of the Dolan fire burning 125,000 acres in 2020. The slide was caused after 16 inches of rain that fell , breaking a 150 ft section of the hillside away. The debris blocked then overwhelmed the culvert. No culvert, clean or filled, would have stopped the damage. Just another example of people thinking that their opinions are more important than facts

My reply:

you have a peculiar way of making acquaintances... I haven't implied that my "opinions are more important than facts"

Neither have I claimed that I'm the encyclopedia, or CBS news, and I don't research every post to the nth degree.

How about you take your attitude and piss off?

After all you had to say, you missed one factor, and that is that your message doesn't match your words, as in YOUR OPINION no culvert, clean or filled, would have stopped the damage.

Fucking hypocrit. 

Tells me my opinions are shit, while leaving his own opinion to cement his reputation

Next time you head out on your lecture circuit, check your script and attitude at the fucking door and you'll eat less crow.

Go talk shit somewhere else, they need ego driven assholes out there somewhere, obviously I've already filled the quota here

I'd eat a bowl of water with a fork before I give a fuck about anything else you have to say

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