Tuesday, March 02, 2021

they must have been having the time of their lives...

a supercharged hot rod... possibly for lots of sand dune use by the type of balloon tires. Odd small rims for a 1930s car, so, I'm guessing this was in the 50s, or early 60s by the the glider in the photo



  1. Great photo Jesse!

    That glider is a Franklin PS-2, first flown in 1930. The balloon tires on the model A caught my attention right away too. Also, I dig the "supercharged" script on the hood! Something about those small wheels and oversized tires just look right on that car. However, I am extremely partial to bushwheels on any light aircraft make them look bitchin' !


    In the Wiki link, look closely at the car in the top photo. Looks to be a '37 Chevy modified to tow gliders. ( nice high quality pic)

    Another nice photo of the Texaco Eaglet which flew across the country in the Spring of 1930.