Thursday, March 04, 2021

a good way to get more use from a car that was wrecked or rusted, this was in Dexter Michigan, in 1935

Makes me wonder if junk yard owner/operators realized how many wrecked cars they could have sold as pumpers. 

Ok, so, weird thought.. .. this would be a cool photo to have poster sized in the garage. 


  1. My grandfather had one he made from a Model T. It had a bench seat where you could sit to drive it to a new location. It pumped a 3" line to the garden at the front of the house, probably 300 yards. We always had great sweet corn!

    1. You had a cool grandfather!
      To clarify, he used a Model T as a water pumper, and didn't make it a permanently placed fixture, he never took away it's ability to be a regular useful car? He could drive it anywhere he wanted, and still drive it home to use it as a pumper? THAT is cool! Do you have photos you can share?

  2. No, it wasn't roadworthy but it would move. I do have a photo taken around 1945 of my Mom with the jalopy (that's what we called it) in the back. Not much detail. I'll email it to you.