Wednesday, March 03, 2021

I bet all the jobs for tall guys working on the car roofs went away after the robots were installed on the production lines

and the fedora... I kid you not, they had more disposable income, before the inflation of the 80s, but they had to use it on stuff like nice clothes, and hats. Of course, they also had enough to pay for houses, on a high school diploma, make a dragster, buy a fishing boat, and a fishing cabin... etc etc. Inflation really effed up the majority of Americans, and took away the ability to achieve the dream of annual vacations, with Airstreams, and fishing boats, etc. Instead we have a cell phone that costs a 1000 dollars, a 1000 dollar laptop, tires that are a 150 apiece, cars that can't be bought for under 24 thou. 500 dollar tvs, and a internet bill of 100 a month. 

Life's expensive, and companies don't give pay raises. Anyway... look at me ramble on, pointlessly


  1. you might be rambling on, but you're correct.

  2. I don't think it's rambling Jesse. You're just tell the truth. Besides, we all do it. Robotics has taken away many jobs.

  3. The average blue collar worker has not had a meaningful wage increase since the mid 60's.