Friday, March 05, 2021

The badge on a Bentley has 9 wings on the left and 10 on the right. Does anyone know why?


  1. rosby created the original Winged B – with the ‘B’ of Bentley inside a pair of wings chosen to represent the exhilaration of motion – and perhaps also a reference to W.O. Bentley’s background as a designer of engines for fighter planes in the First World War. Crosby gave each wing a different number of feathers to make it completely unique – and stay one step ahead of fraudulent imitations.

  2. "In the 1930s, when Bentley was under Rolls Royce ownership, the Bentley wings were streamlined, with the downward-pointing feathers straightened out to become horizontal. Each wing was also given 10 feathers, losing the asymmetry of the original.

    The logo was revised again in the 1990s and, as a nod to Crosby, the asymmetry was restored and the central ‘B’ revised to echo the original. Then in 2002, a definitive new corporate identity was created, including the winged ‘B’ that is still in use today, one that embodies modern Bentley values while still respecting its origins."

    1. Thank you Unknown, very interesting history of the Bentley badge.

  3. Having an asymmetrical badge was considered good luck when W O Bentley first entered his cars in Le Mans, thus the difference in feathers on each side of the Bentley badge.