Monday, March 01, 2021

I've never seen the Abernathy brothers in a car before

 the Abernathy brothers, age six and nine in a Brush Runabout in 1910 and it was taken in New York City and it was taken because those two kids were about to drive that car home to Oklahoma. 

They got to New York by riding their horses and met Teddy Roosevelt, who knew their dad, a rough rider, and US Marshal. youngest federal marshal in US history, appointed to this post by Teddy Roosevelt himself 

These kids were very, very famous around the turn of the century and into the ‘teens before fading off into obscurity. I

Both men lived into their 80s. One was a successful lawyer and the other made piles of money in the oil industry boom 

I posted a little bit about them a couple years ago:  but never learned of this info until now


  1. This needs to be a motion picture. NOW!

    1. and the Billy Goat Acres Mob kids stealing 3 cars in one night, while driving from Fresno to LA, and getting shot at by the cops, 11 times, 3 bullets into the trunk, 6 kids, and their dog... that story would be a great little movie too!

  2. Just recently there was an episode on the blog "The Futility Closet" about them, which was the first I'd heard. It mentioned the Brush runabouts too. Worth a listen.

  3. Regarding the Brush Runabout in the first photo- I volunteer at car museum in Calgary (Gasoline Alley, closed due to Covid). We have an restored example of this car.