Saturday, September 12, 2020

something tells me only the white collar admin types at the post office heardquarters who get the use of a company car are getting the ones with the USPS logo as a car emblem in the grill

after all, look at where it's parked, that's not some back of the building parking lot where all the blue collar workers are parking.


  1. That is rather odd. I didn't know the USPS had a special contract with Mercedes Benz. Or is it Dodge? Oooor maybe the U.S Postal Service is building their own vehicles now.

  2. Proof that weasels can drive. They're covering up the Mercedes badge because they don't want the public to see it after the suits have been bitching for months about not having enough money. Also probably don't want some congressional aid to find out the Mercedes Vito is made in Spain.

    1. Proof that if you choke investment and delay necessary fleet upgrades stopgaps will have to be applied and stopgaps are usually more expensive.
      Also proof that if you look at every problem with a partisan lens you will see what you want to see (btw Republicans have a majority on the Post Office Board of Governors as well as control the Post Master General...)

      The post office's Grumman LLVs are ancient and have been in need of replacement for a long time (some are even setting themselves on fire -

      RHD Mercedes Metris and several other vehicles are being deployed as a stopgap untill the Post office can get a permanent replacement for Grumman LLVs (

  3. It's a Mercedes Metris and they are used for short park and loop walking routes. They were purchased in a small quantity to replace the aging fleet of Caravans and Uplanders used on P&L routes. They were not expensive as they are bare bones fleet models with no amenities other than A/C. Just because something is made by Mercedes doesn't mean its expensive. These are not the LLV replacement at all. The USPS uses 5 to 6 different truck types for various routes and transport methods. They also hire local owner-operator semi drivers to haul trailers of cargo around from hub to hub.

    The replacement LLV's have been stalled due to coronavirus and planning will resume next year. The bid has already been won and situated, just no plans have been made yet going forward.