Monday, September 07, 2020

Ok, I'll ask, as I'm brave like that, to show I seriously have so darn much to learn every day - and here's another new one to me... why the spinners on the poverty caps?


  1. I think it's just as simple as trying to make hubcaps look like actual knockoff wheels, and by knockoff I mean "remove with a mallet," not "copies."

  2. After market? Aesthetically pleasing? J.C Whitney? All of the above? Dunno.

  3. That is a kit you could buy in the early 60's that consisted of a plate with a round stem or tube that mounted behind the steel wheel and after the lug nut were tightened then the cover went over the stem and was held in place by I think screws that attached the spinner to the stem. I had them on my 62 Corvair.

    1. Well then, that's really kinda cool.

  4. Just think of it Jesse, someday there'll be a guy posting pictures of 40 year old Camry's and wondering what was up with the fake fender vents and fart cans.