Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Minnesota State Patrol officers seized a Emma Dietrich's 2013 Camaro after a DWI traffic stop, though in fact, she was not driving, nor charged with drunk driving,

After giving up a long and bizarre civil lawsuit process, made worse by this year's COVID-19 pandemic, Emma Dietrich had to give up and pay the state police $4,000 to get her own car back. As a bonus, the Camaro now has to wear "whiskey plates," used by police to identify vehicles with prior drinking and driving convictions even though Dietrich was never charged with driving under the influence.

Minnesota's state cops have seized nearly 14,000 vehicles in the last three years and generated close to $10 million in revenue in the process.

Minnesota's state police have the legal right to seize and sell someone's personal property without conviction, then keep 100 percent of the proceeds.

What is preventing police for abusing civil asset forfeiture, again, just like they are abusing and killing non-violent suspects like Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott and Daniel Prude?

Civil asset forfeiture laws in the U.S. were originally created to allow law enforcement agencies to strip drug king-pins of their Miami Vice-style speed boats, and couch forts made out money. Now, however, criticism of these laws is growing louder, as many say they now overreach and seize private property from citizens who haven't been convicted of crimes.


Daniel Prude was handcuffed without incident, seated in the street. But when he began spitting and ignored orders to stop, officers pulled a so-called spit hood over his head.

Mr. Prude became agitated and tried to rise, and officers restrained him by pushing his head into the street and placing a knee on his torso, according to footage from the body cameras.

Officer Vaughn “put both his hands on the side of Mr. Prude’s head and pushed down with his full body weight — essentially in a triangle push-up or ‘tripod’ position,” the lawsuit states. “The body-worn camera recordings show that Vaughn remains in this position — pushing his full body weight down on Mr. Prude’s head — for over two minutes and 15 seconds.”

Mr. Prude stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating. Paramedics revived him and took him to a hospital, where he died March 30.



  1. Mr Prude was naked, screaming in the street, high on PCP when officer arrived. He was combative and not complying with officer commands. (Mr Prude had a long history with mental illness which combined with PCP is a bad combination... actions have consequences)

    1. Let me see, you believe that telling me what I already know about his mental problem will change my mind? OR did you feel that you had to defend the police actions that killed him? Either way, why don't you believe that the police should instead just take a shotgun, smash in his teeth with the barrel, and pull the trigger, blowing his head off?
      After all, you are defending the police murdering him.
      Without due prosess, in contradiction of the limited power granted to the police, contradicting the police dept policies, procedures, and limited authority to arrest but not kill.
      And you say he was naked. Really? That he had no clothes on, that makes killing him a necessary action? In order to what? Get him in a body bag so no one sees his naked body?
      Screaming? Not when they had him sitting down, in handcuffs.
      So, the realization that the police needed some medical and mental experts on scene to deal with this drugged out of his mind naked man, that realization was never a thought to you?
      Instead, you defend the police killing him.
      I see.
      How exactly could he comply with the sober cops, when he was drugged out of his mind any how?
      You don't really use your brain, do you?
      But you simply view mentally retarded people as what? Police practice dummies for when they find drugged and mentally unstable black naked men?
      I have the feeling your family and co-workers don't like you, probably not your family either.
      I don't. So don't ever comment on my blog again