Friday, September 11, 2020

two generations apart, where obviously, hip hop music, video games, and not working on cars - made a big difference


  1. depends on where you lived
    I grew up in small rural Appalachia, 900 residents in town, 9000 in the county, we lived 12 miles from town. no traffic light in the county.
    in the late 70s / early 80s
    there were no baggy pants or hip hop or drugs, booze was the drug of choice, which had to be purchased 20 miles away, since the county I lived in didnt allow alcohol sales. Still doesnt allow it. everyone owned a VW rail buggy or a Honda XL-250 motorcycle for riding the endless forest roads, all of which are now blocked off, (half the county was national forest)

  2. '39 or '40 Ford Tudor. I'm thinking '40 based on the wheels. The'39 had a wider spaced lug pattern. <Looks like a '40 tail light as well.