Monday, September 16, 2019

Do you care how racist, misogynistic, political, islamophobic, or anti semitic your fireman is? I don't.

Haverford Township Board of Commissioners decided they would shut a volunteer fire dept down instead of allowing a volunteer fire fighter to stay on who joined some group they are opposed to.

Yeah, they decided that no fire dept was better than a fire dept with someone who wanted to be a member of a "hate group"

They took away the fire trucks. They left the firefighters with no way to fight fires.

Well, the fire dept decided that it wouldn't fire someone for what they did off work that wasn't a crime. They took a stand that as firefighters they treat everyone fairly and equally, putting their lives on the line in fires, floods, etc etc, and over the course of a hundred years of the vol. FD, they'd even had some fire fighters die.

Since that is the level of their commitment to the cause, they pointed out that the Haverford Board of Commisioners had mistaken the American Bill of Rights as something that only applies to others. After all, freedom to assemble, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, are the undeniable rights of citizens... of America.

More than that, the board seems to be requiring more from the fire fighter, and I quote "because it is important that all volunteers who represent the township do so free from bias and without discrimination,” than they themselves demonstrate TOWARD the fire fighters. They are plainly biased against him now that it's clear he's been associating with some "hate group" and discriminating against him, without the burden of a crime, trial, or legal due process.

So, it's fine for the board to act this way, but not for the firefighters to associate with people who are biased and discriminatory?

Huh, I think this is where we come to the logical conclusion that the firefighters can NOT associate with board members.

So far, only the board has been biased and discriminatory. The firefighter has not yet done a thing which has been mentioned that casts him in as bad a light as the board.

Whatever the fire fighter of 7 years might do in the future, as a Black Panther, a Communist Party member, Antifa, KKK, etc etc long list of hate groups - he's being fired, by the pressure of the govt group "the Haverford Township Board of Commissioners" and that seems to be to be a civil rights violation.

That's what they committed, to prevent him from possibly committing a civil rights violation, or criminal code violation.

Hmmm, pot calling the kettle black, and firing him. Time to lawyer up I'd say.


Hmmm, wouldn't it be cool if the Haverford Township Board of Commissioners decided they would shut down the police department for racist, homophobic, islmaphobic, misogynisitic, anti semitic, or political police?

Lol, who's cracking jokes now? Ha! No one would do that to the cops. There's too many.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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  1. There's a lot of 'freedom for me, but not for thee,' going on today. Whenever a government entity forces unity among people it inevitability becomes tyranny.