Thursday, December 08, 2016

I just learned that the multi-billionaire owner of Chick Fil A was a car collector, and the collection was sold off with all the proceeds going to his philanthropic charity foundation. Wow. Respect that.

His collection was incredibly diverse, from Rolls Royce to Red Express to a Brewster. His charity did things as remarkable as build homes for foster kids... when is the last time you ever heard of any one building homes for foster kids? I never have.

Yes, I'm very aware of the religious and marriage views, no I won't allow comments about them, just simply enjoying that this billionaire was a car collector and philanthropist that was VERY family first. How can anyone not respect those things? All the rest is simply argumentative as it doesn't relate at all to this post, and since the guy is dead, there ain't no point in bringing it up.

21 years behind a counter at a small diner across from a Ford manufacturing plant in Atlanta, starting after he got out of the Army after WW2, before he started more restaurants and selling franchises.

Made about 5 billion a year most recently. One word, respect.


  1. Deep respect Jesse, What a humanitarian Mr. Cathy was.

  2. Ive seen this collection in person.
    he used to invite groups of school kids to visit their headquarters, he would personally lead the tour, show them the car collection in the lobby, (which contains the very last car produced at the Ford Assembly plant in Atlanta before Ford shut it down and moved it to Mexico), and feed em all the chicken they could eat.

    he constructed several summer camps for kids,

    I dont know a finer man than Truett Cathy