Monday, December 05, 2016

Gary and Pam Beineke of Sharon, Massachusetts are fixated on improving 1971 Mopar designs, making cars the factory couldn't

back in 2011 I posted about this "what if" GTX  they made. JET X, a 1971-2 GTX Plymouth Exterior Styling studio car, built using photos from 1968 and 69

They didn't stop there. They started making Daytonas and Super Birds from 1971 Chargers and Road Runners

they started by making a 71 GTX convertible, then in 2009, they finished their next project, JET X, the GTX I started this post with.

In 2010, their next project, a 3rd gen tribute to the Bobby Isaac, K and K Insurance Daytona, was the subject of a multi-issue chronicle of the build in Mopar Enthusiast magazine,

In 2011, the 71 Concept Charger was debuted,  followed by a feature in Mopar Action. 2012 debuted the Race Superbird with Pam running at 201.6mph at Loring Air Force Base in northern Maine at the Loring Timing Association's 2012 Harvest Event

Their Petty tribute Superbird, built for land speed with an R5 Dodge NASCAR engine making 875hp

if you want to read all about their cars, and racing:

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  1. Got to say, "what if" to the Petty Tribute car. Wouldn't that have been a wild ride. I like all the Beineke's custom builds here. The '71 K&K Dodge Charger is very interesting.