Wednesday, December 07, 2016

I find this hilarious... some frustrated old fart with an axe to grind and who will not allow for any other opinion than his own... has a Facebook page and went full retard this morning

Think it was the "Good day sir" that did it? Or the "I said good day sir" that pushed him over the edge?  

Is it any wonder the ego of this tyrant chose to use 5 star general and president Ike as his facebook photo? Just how full of yourself do you have to be to use a world leader as your avatar?

Read for yourself, the pissy old fart blocked my ability to look and see what is on Motorology Facebook page now. 


  1. Great response Jesse and ten times more diplomatic than how most people would have responded. It's amazing how uncivilised some people choose to be under the guise of their online persona, probably like how some people transform to a bizarre split personality behind the wheel of a car where every other driver somehow offends them into violent reactions with every manoeuvre. As always, I love your work Jesse and once again I thank you for the time to take to create such an interesting blog.

    1. MattP is a smart guy...I agree with him totally!

  2. I second that opinion!'pissy old fart'indeed!

  3. I'm sure you're above such things, but that doesn't mean that one of your readers couldn't suggest that people start trolling this dude.

  4. LOL - I just read his FB. Sounds like a blow hard. I was half tempted to innocently ask if it was true if he had been fired by HF just to see his reaction. It appears he doesn't really understand the idea of a blog not being a research document, but a forum to exchange ideas and discuss topics.

  5. Good night, this guy wanted to take offense, even if you tried to avoid it. And over some nit-picky little detail.

  6. Yup. Full retard.