Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Who takes a car for a joyride, instead of towing it to the dealership for repairs? Royal Towing of Houston.... (Nissan Roadside Assist sent them) and their moron tow truck driver was busted by the dashcam videos, and is now famous for effing up. He's good to his jackass buddies though, he let them drive his customers GTR too


The tow company sent a driver to pick it up on Sunday, then he brought it to his own residence, unloaded it, and joy rided in it, and let his jackass friends (who seem to be extras from the meth house on Breaking Bad) joy ride it. They screwed with the GTR all day, and into the early morning hours, as they finally disconnected the dash cam at 2am. On Monday it was delivered to the dealership for repairs, and Tuesday it was picked up by the owner. That's when he noticed his sunglasses were stolen... so he went to the video and discovered the car had been basically stolen for a day, instead of being delivered.

The Pearland Police Department presented the case to the Brazoria county DA. The DA office accepted the charges for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and burglary of a motor vehicle.

see all 8 videos from the car owner at http://www.motohouston.com/forums/showthread.php?t=344537 

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