Wednesday, December 07, 2016

when the exhaust has to be flat and not the normal speedbump scraper


  1. Nice craftsmanship. Looks like it took a lot of skill, time, and money. I suppose you could go this route, or,OR, one could,increase the vehicle's ride height and, get a much better looking car as an added bonus. I suppose the above picture is of a race car, but since you mentioned speed bumps, I figured that I may as well point out the obvious solution for a street car. I suppose that by now, you may have some suspicions as to what is my opinion of low riding cars. I'll take the gasser look, the '70's street machine look, or even the OEM look over the pavement scraper look, every time.

    1. Right, well, I have only done the street machine/muscle car for 3 decades now, and the damn headers are always the lowest damn thing on the car, it's due to the collector I suppose, being 2 tubes on top, and 2 on bottom, so you get between 4 and 5 inches of tube from top to bottom, and those have to be low enough to avoid the damn starter. Speed bumps just compress the damn front suspension enough to cause those collectors to scrape too often. My cars were never lowered, they were only stock with worn out shocks at worst. It's the damn speed bumps that have grown too damn high and sharply ramped.

  2. I hate speed bumps. I will always obey any speed limit or "slow" sign, but if there are no signs posted, and all there is, is a lump of asphalt across the lane, I take that as an insult, implying that either they think that I am too stupid to read a sign or too disrespectful to obey one. When I see speed bumps and no signs, I put the pedal to the metal and run those things over with my truck as fast as I think I can safely go. (As long as I don't see any pedestrians or children in the area. I don't want to injure anybody) A speed bump is nothing compared to what a truck endures off roading.