Monday, September 07, 2020

James emailed me about this, and I completely forgot to blog about it... 2020 screwed over a dealership real bad, 1000 vehicles with severe hail damage in mid July, Marc Motors in Sanford, Maine. (thank you James!)


  1. You want to see hail? Google "blair nebraska hail storm 2014", you won't believe the damage.

    1. this isn't a contest, and if it were, show me a dealership that had more cars damaged.... not damaged more, but numerically, had over a thousand cars in inventory damaged

    2. I just did show you one with more cars damaged, the dealer there lost 4500 vehicles between his 2 dealerships. You should have googled it like I suggested. You are never happy, Jesse.

    3. whoa, lets look at the facts, You asked it I wanted to see hail, didn't you!
      Hah? That is correct, you didn't ask if I wanted to see 4500 damaged vehicles, you didn't show ME shit. Don't you puff up at me, making shit up!
      YOU said google a storm, not two dealerships with 4500 cars!
      If YOU can't tell the difference go bitch about it to someone else, I'm already up to hear with pissant nit picking complainers!
      You either come clean or fuck off.
      I don't wanna see hail, and when you got a story about 4500 hail damaged cars either mention that first, or don't accuse me of blowing THAT off when you didn't mention it
      I AIN'T got time to google god damn hail storms to look at what damage they've done, I got whining and complaining to deal with before I can get back to looking for some othe new interesting stuff to post.
      you didn't "just show" me one of anything, YOU asked me if I wanted to see hail damage.
      Show me?
      Don't fucking come at me with a fucking accusation. I CAN READ god damn it.

    4. and I'm a lot happier when people aren't bullshitting me. I'm much more pleasant and enthusiastic too.
      Say what you mean, the first time. That's not on me. I was crystal clear from the start.

  2. They are all over the radio here in Maine, some of those cars\trucks they are discounting $10k or more, some up to 50% of MSRP, plus all the usual incentives apply. They have insurance adjusters on site to give quotes for repairs so you know what you are dealing with.