Monday, March 23, 2009

Funny cars of the 60's

Ok... here's the edge of my knowledge, I've never heard of a tilt forward flopper.... just tilt front ends and hoods. Obviously something is going on, you'd never want to get in any last minute adjustments under the hood while waiting in the staging lanes

Running a Mopar 440, the Corvette roadster ran for a few years. It was new, polished and pretty, and its paint caught the eyes of fans and antagonists alike. The name "Revolution" taken from the John Lennon/Beatles song

Once, it was thought to be an acceptable idea to get the tires hot with fire... it also made for a great exhibition runs: Yeah, that had to be a hard way to learn that it ain't a good idea

There is sunlight under all four tires.. That's why this photo is here.
For more great funny cars, dozens of them:

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  1. Hey thanks for all the great shots (and linking some of my stuff earlier). Do you know the corvette guy's story? pretty interesting.