Thursday, March 26, 2009

The last known 1942-47 Ford Skyview known to exist of the 44 produced Glass-Top bus of Brewster transport in Banff, Alberta Canada

Before and after

Above: the try at recreating the below 1946 photo of the whole fleet
For more of the story of it's being found, restored, and tv time:
Back in 1942, Western Truck and Auto out of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada built a couple of Glass-Top busses for Brewster transport in Banff, they were well recieved and in 1946, 42 more were built.
These busses were used for a few years before they were "retired" from service and sold to the government, after the government was done with them they were all destroyed (as was the customary thing to do back then) But somehow this bus (#27) was not destined to that fate

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  1. I appreciate you doing a blog on my bus, but It's not the last glass-top Brewster had, it's the last known 42-47 Ford Skyview known to exist of the 44 produced (Western Truck and Auto).

    And the "before" photo you have up up is actually after hundreds of hours of work, I kid you not it was that bad!

    I am honoured that you did this blog on it though, and I appreciate the link to my CarDomain page on the bus, check out my other interesting cars and trucks on CD!