Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hemi Valiant, straight 6, 235 cu in, Australian... and in San Diego after years of keeping an eye open for one for sale

The bottom license plate is "Valiant" backwards to reflect the right hand drive.


  1. Vincent from Australia6:18 PM

    GOod find there mate...very cool plates as well :)

    I wonder what it was mod-plated for?


  2. That car belongs to a friend of mine..I actually imported it here. (I've brought alot of Aussie Mopars over)
    I believe the old mod plate was from when it had VH front discs and diff fitted ages back ? (not totally sure though)

  3. Owner of said VG8:58 AM

    Good eye, Vince.

    The Queensland modification plate is the most official looking (and least important) plate under the hood. My understanding is the following: Originally equipped with a proper VG front bench seat, the seat was swapped out in favor of VH buckets. This effectively reduced the legally belted seating positions from 6 to 5.