Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Compare prices before buying from a dealership... they mostly stay in business from repairs, and selling parts

I went to the Pontiac dealership and got a price quote for the brake shoes for the drum brakes on the rear of my 2000 Grand Am
Part number 19152644, shoe kit, $114.48, $123.35 after taxes

So I go to Autozone.
Part number #199277 720 , $21.99. $23.69 out the door.

It may be that the dealership brake shoes are better quality, longer lasting, and impressive materials... but when I can get 4 sets for less than one from the dealership, and those 4 sets will last twice as long as the longest lasting set the dealership will have... the choice comes down to dollars.

What really makes it all clear?
the same parts from an online outlet for $67.65, about half the dealerships charge. What rip off artists!

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  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    There was a great article years ago in either Car&Driver or Road&Track about dealership parts pricing. They took as an example an average car of the time (I seem to remember it being a Monte Carlo), it's MSRP off the showroom floor was around $20k. Then went to work on the parts catalog and found that to buy all the parts to assemble their own Monte Carlo from dealership bought parts cost over $80k.