Monday, March 23, 2009

The variety pack... a bit of this and that

Bitchin gadgetry instead of a boring gas cap
1952 HD WR750...1 of 8 in 1952, this one is owned by Leonard Anders, who tuned 7 out of 24 bikes that won the Daytona Beach Race

A US Paratooper bike from France 1944 Via:

The Hanson brothers with a set of wheels... and that is all it takes to win me over ( watch the movie Slap Shot with Paul Newman, 1977... good movie)

Elegance, and a great photo composition

I'd buy a set

Hells Angels are working on a bus... that is cool

The tools, as art. I dig it.

The con rod as art, and even the architecture design for the Museum of Modern Art

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