Thursday, March 26, 2009

15 reasons why cars are less trouble than women

1. Go means go, stop means stop, left means left, right means right. Nothing is implied.
2. It’s perfectly fine to have more than one.
3. The tyre bill is considerably less than a woman’s shoe bill.
4. Aside from the fuel tank, its weight does not change.
5. If you don’t like it anymore, you can sell it and get another. (Without going through hell)
6. If you take good care of it, it’ll look the same as the day you got it.
7. Too change it, you don’t have to talk to it, you just MODIFY it.
8. Even a LARGE heavy one like the Pontiac G8 GT, can look sexy. You can have fun inside it and no one will think you’re weird.
9. You can redress it with a new body kit for less than the cost of a wedding dress.
10. You can give it accessories whenever you feel like it, irrespective of birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
11. It never asks questions about it’s rear.
12. The airbags are not just for decoration, they save your life.
13. Regardless of the time of day, season, day of the month, it is ready to give you a ride when you want it.
14. Every year, it only asks for new oil, not jewellery.
15. Ever now and then, you’ll be able to drive a friend’s one, without any guilt.

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