Tuesday, June 21, 2022

seen on today's walk


this is the most fucked up Porsche I've seen. It says Carrera across the hood

it hasn't moved since 2014. 

that is what it looked like before 8 years of neglect screwed up the paint

Today's installment of what the hell is under the car covers

I'm guessing Studebaker

the hood says Power Wagon, the bed says Prospector

the Firebird has original California license plates from 68 or 69, and hasn't moved from this spot since between 2011 and 2014


  1. This F-150 generation is my favourite. It's just perfect.

  2. My brother had a Porsche Targa of about the same vintage as that Carrera. Porsche was trying to comply with VOC regulations and switching to water based paints. They'd tested the stuff satisfactorily in Germany but didn't count on the severe UV problems here on the Gulf of Mexico coast. Porsche repainted his car under warranty 3 times.. the last time, they used real paint.