Sunday, June 19, 2022

OMFG there is a tractor show near Vancouver (in Abbotsford 45 miles SE of Vancouver, from India, possibly at the Vaisakhi festival) for blinged out jeepney tractors! There is always something new and unusual, if you look around where no one else has looked before (thank you Terry!) for more from the Johal Landscaping co
but see for a really good thorough video of it

NRI Buta Singh Johal of Dhabal Ke village is in Jalandar competing with luxury vehicles around with this New Holland he bought in 2015

He has modified his tractor-trailer by replacing its accessories with America-based Peterbilt truck.

His tractor has all that is found in a luxury car from chain steering, revolver gear rod, pressure horn, dazzling fancy lights, wide tires, music system, LED TV, imported alloy wheels and a ceiling fan.

When asked about the reason behind modifying the vehicle, Buta said he had a penchant for tractors since his childhood. He said there was a time when he had to sell his own tractor in 1999 to travel to Canada.

“Since that day I had on mind that when I will be financially strong, I would design my own tractor and give it a look that I dreamt of always,” he said.

For many thousands of years, Vaisakhi has been the time when farmers have put their sickles to harvest and celebrated the coming of a new year. Since 1699, the Sikhs have had a further reason to celebrate at this time of the year. Now Vaisakhi is celebrated with even more energy, pomp and fanfare. It has become a holy day to mark the birth of the Khalsa fraternity.

and that is something I learned today, if I may quote good ol Long Roof Fan


  1. The crowd caught a whiff,
    Of that crazy Casbah, sorry all I could think of is 'Rock the Casbah'....;-)

  2. I am going to mention this to a Sikh neighbor and get he take on it. Sikhs are peace-loving pleasant people of all that I have met over many years. But this festival is a new one for me.