Sunday, June 19, 2022

on the new tv show Dickinson, about the teenage life of Emily Dickinson, one of my favorite poets - they are having a period perfect ball, mostly, and one character has a hobby horse! I've never seen one on tv


Emily Dickinson lived from 1830 to 1886, and the collection of her poems is one of my prized books, leather bound and gold edged, and someone who owned it long ago pressed violas between the pages

I haven't yet added her poems to my poetry blog because I've been too preoccupied with this car blog

By the way, Mikhail Baryshnikov's daughter plays Emily's sister, and Jane Krakowski plays her mom, Hailee Stansfield plays Emily,  terrifically!


  1. One of my favorite poets, too. Years ago we attended a traveling troupe playing her life w famous Broadway actors. We have also visited her home It's a nice three-hour stop for some enlightenment on her life. I first read her poetry when I was a teenager. I haveover the years given soft cover copies of her poems to shut-ins.

    1. wow, that's a NICE thing to do! My compliments!