Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Pres Biden is in great physical shape for 79 years old, but his fall from his bike due to the pedal toe cage has encouraged a lot of humor from everyone that hates his govt, and people have been mailing training wheels to the whitehouse

Others are using social media to work on stand up jokes, like:

We need to ban these assault bikes they are ruining this country. 

Our country at the very least need to enforce stronger background checks on people buying a bike

"We need reasonable bike legislation that bans all 2 wheeled bikes and includes holding bike manufacturers accountable for Biden's fall today." 

"Biden fell off his bike today, says it was Putin's fault."

 Perhaps it's because the only place people past the age of retirement can work are in Government leadership and Walmart.

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  1. Even Trump was in on it, showing it was him knocking Biden off the bike with a golf ball. Not as violent ad Eric Greitens' campaign ad, though: