Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Protesters with a radical environmentalist group blocked one of the main roads in Rome during rush hour by sitting in the middle of the highway. Frustrated drivers decided, "not today dumbass"

In response, irate Italian motorists at the front of the queue jumped out of their vehicles to take action - dragging the protesters across the tarmac and dumping them on to the side of the road, which had a steep embankment the protesters rolled down


  1. They kept coming back because when they were left on the side of the read they were still conscious.

  2. In the UK they glued their self to the road to stop them from being dragged out of the way.

  3. In the U.S., had they been hurt, OH, would they have bawled and sued and sued and sued. There are better ways to take action.

    1. even in the US, they can't sue who they can't identify. Plus, slap them once or twice for being idiots, see if they snap out of it, you might get lucky and not have to exert yourself moving them out of the way