Monday, November 21, 2022

A library in Minnesota had an overdue book returned 47 years after it was checked out, “Chilton's Foreign Car Repair Manual: German, Swedish, Italian Cars, Vol. 1,” was checked out from the Lake Elmo, Washington County Library in 1975

“In the mid-1970s, I was living in [Lake Elmo] and was working on an old Mercedes Benz,” the borrower explained. “I took out this book for reference. A few months later I moved and apparently the book got packed up in the move. Forty-seven years later I found it … in a trunk with other interesting things from the ‘70s. It’s a little overdue but I thought you might want it back. 


  1. Well? Is the car fixed?

    1. good question.

      every time I lose a library book and have to pay for it, they always tell me if I find the book, not to bring it back, because they dont want the book back.
      and I always find the book two days after I pay for it.